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Big Ass Fans B3213-X4-AB-04-02-D-01 Ceiling Fan

Big Ass Fans B3213-X4-AB-04-02-D-01 Information

Ceiling FanBig Ass Fans Haiku
Model NumberB3213-X4-AB-04-02-D-01
Root Product NameBig Ass Fans B3213-X4-AB-04-02-D-01
Additional InfoB3213-X4-AB-04-02-D-01-F421 B3213-X4-AB-04-02-D-01-F523,B3213-X4-AB-04-02-D-01-F531 B3213-X4-AO-04-02-D-01-F471 B3213-X4-AS-04-02-D-01-F470 B3213-X4-AW-04-02-D-01 B3213-X4-AW-04-02-D-01-F421 B3213-X4-AW-04-02-D-01-F523 B3213-X4-AW-04-02-D-01-F531 B3213-X4-A*-04-02-D-01-F,SenseME
Indoor or OutdoorIndoor Ceiling Fan
Fan TypeLow-Mount HSSD Fan Only
Sold InUnited States, Canada
Date On MarketAugust 14, 2014
Date QualifiedJune 5, 2018
Model IDES_1113298_B3213-X4-AB-04-02-D-01_0605201804094370185411
PD ID2320988
Meets Most Efficient Criteria?No

Ceiling Fan Energy Use

Fan Diameter (Inches)84
Efficiency (CFM/watt)353.0
Power Consumption - High Speed (watts)53.7
Power Consumption - Standby (watts)2


FeaturesOccupancy sensor
Components Years Warranty3


Ships With Energy Star Lamp?No

Smart Capabilities


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