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FRIGIAIRE EFR331 Refrigerator

FRIGIAIRE EFR331 Information

Model NumberEFR331
Root Product NameFRIGIAIRE EFR331
Additional InfoRefrigerator,,; Refrigerator,EFR331-BLACK,; Refrigerator,EFR331-BLACK-COM,; Refrigerator,EFR331-WHITE-COM,; Refrigerator,EFR372,; Refrigerator,EFR372-BLACK-COM,; Refrigerator,EFR372-BLUE-COM,; Refrigerator,EFR372-PINK-COM,; Refrigerator,EFR372-WHITE-COM,; Refrigerator,EFR376,; Refrigerator,EFR376-B-BLACK,; Refrigerator,EFR376-B-BLUE-COM,; Refrigerator,EFR376-B-RED-COM,; Refrigerator,EFR376-BLACK,; Refrigerator,EFR376-BLACK-COM,; Refrigerator,EFR376-BLUE-COM,; Refrigerator,EFR376-PINK-COM,; Refrigerator,EFR376-RED-COM,; Refrigerator,EFR376-WHITE-COM,; Refrigerator,RFR320,; Refrigerator,RFR320-B-BLACK-COM,; Refrigerator,RFR320-B-LIME-COM,; Refrigerator,RFR320-B-ORANGE-COM,; Refrigerator,RFR320-B-WHITE-COM,; Refrigerator,RFR321,; Refrigerator,RFR321-B-STAINLESS-COM,; Refrigerator,RFR321-D-PURPLE,; Refrigerator,RFR321-STAINLESS,; Refrigerator,RFR322,; Refrigerator,RFR322-E-COM,; Refrigerator,RFR376,; Refrigerator,RFR376-B-BLUE,; Refrigerator,RFR376-B-RED,
TypeCompact Refrigerator
Product Class11A - Compact All-Refrigerator - manual defrost
Sold InUnited States
Date On MarketSeptember 13, 2018
Date QualifiedDecember 20, 2018
Model IDES_1120898_EFR331_12212018104712_7137187
PD ID2331902

Refrigerator Energy Use And Features

Meets Most Efficient Criteria?No
Annual Energy Use (kWh/year)197
Federal Standard Annual Energy Use (kWh/year)244
Percent Under Federal Standard Energy Use19
Defrost TypeManual
Through Door Dispenser?No
Ice Maker?No


Standard Or Counter Depth?Yes
Dimensions (Width x Height in inches)18.5 x 32.6
Capacity (cubic feet)3.2
Adjusted Volume (cubic feet)3.2

Smart Capabilities

Connected FunctionalityNo

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