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Honeywell Home THX321WF2003W Smart Thermostat

Honeywell Home THX321WF2003W Information

ThermostatHoneywell Home THX321WF2003W
Model NumberTHX321WF2003W
Root Product NameHoneywell Home THX321WF2003W
Additional Info,THX321WFS2001W,
Brand OwnerResideo Technologies Inc.
Brand NameHoneywell Home
Model NameT10 Pro Smart Thermostat
Sold InUnited States, Canada
Additional Device Model NumbersTHX321WF2003W, THX321WFS2001W
Device Family IDFAM_1142622_01042019143341_2373577
Date On MarketJanuary 17, 2019
Date QualifiedFebruary 13, 2019
Model IDES_1142622_Lyric_02072019151824_2889673
PD ID2333898

Thermostat Features

Static Temperature Accuracy (Deg. F)0.35
Time To Enter Standby After Interaction (seconds)45
Heating And Cooling FeaturesTime of Day Usage,External Temperature Detection,Additional Home Temperature Sensor,Other,Additional Occupancy Sensor
Other FeaturesHumidify, Dehumidify, Ventilation Control
Demand Response SummaryHoneywell Home’s connected thermostat family is enabled to respond to Demand Response (DR) events that utilities call to mitigate certain risks to the grid. These programs ultimately save consumers money while preventing adverse effects on their service. Honeywell Home’s thermostats are utilized by a variety of optimization/DR firms that access our thermostats through APIs. Set points can be continuously optimized for a number of factors including real time weather and a home’s thermodynamic properties, resulting in additional energy savings. Similarly, our thermostats can be controlled by multiple Demand Response Management Systems (DRMS) systems shedding load at peak periods. Features include pre-cooling and various shed strategies (cycling, temperature off-set, etc.). Our UI and apps allow for consumers to be alerted of events and offer the ability to opt out should the need occur. Feedback on an event’s opt-outs, overrides and load shed performance are available through API to the Load Managing En

Networking Features

Network Standby Average Power Consumption (watts)1.65
Communication MethodWi-Fi,Other
Secondar Communication MethodRedlink

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