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Ecobee EB-STATE6* Smart Thermostat

The Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium is a high-end thermostat that features external temperature detection, time of day usage, additional home temperature sensor, geofencing (user device based), additional occupancy sensor, occupancy sensor on device, and humidity sensing. This thermostat also has an optional feature called Community Energy Savings which helps use cleaner energy and strengthen the grid by reducing demand at peak times.

Ecobee EB-STATE6* Information

ThermostatEcobee Smart Thermostat Premium
Model NumberEB-STATE6*
Root Product NameEcobee EB-STATE6
Additional Info,EB-STATE6-01,; ,EB-STATE6A-01,; ,EB-STATE6AC-01,; ,EB-STATE6BR-01,; ,EB-STATE6C-01,; ,EB-STATE6CR-01,; ,EB-STATE6P-01,; ,EB-STATE6PB-01,; ,EB-STATE6PC-01,
Brand Ownerecobee
Brand Nameecobee
Model NameSmart Thermostat Premium
Sold InUnited States, Canada
Device Family IDFAM_1075965_031620221252268_9739127
Date On MarketMay 17, 2022
Date QualifiedMarch 16, 2022
Model IDES_1075965_EB-STATE6*_030820221407483_3012955
PD ID2393822

Thermostat Features

Static Temperature Accuracy (Deg. F)1.26
Time To Enter Standby After Interaction (seconds)61.5
Heating And Cooling FeaturesExternal Temperature Detection,Time of Day Usage,Additional Home Temperature Sensor,Geofencing (User Device Based),Additional Occupancy Sensor,Occupancy Sensor on Device,Humidity Sensing
Demand Response Summaryecobee thermostats include an optional feature called Community Energy Savings which helps use cleaner energy and strengthen the grid by reducing demand at peak times. ecobee provides our utility partners with web tools and APIs which allow customers to accept offers to enrol in Demand Response programs, validate customer eligibility, and dispatch Community Energy Savings events. Based on the needs of the grid, events can be dispatched to all enrolled thermostats or targeted groups. Demand savings are generated through temperature adjustments at peak times, while customer comfort and satisfaction are maintained through optimized pre-cooling or pre-heating of the home. Event participation statistics are available to the utility to monitor program performance. Community Energy Savings events are voluntary, so customers can opt out at any time.

Networking Features

Network Standby Average Power Consumption (watts)1.83
Communication MethodBluetooth,Wi-Fi,Other

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