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ChargePoint CPH50 Electric Vehicle Charger

ChargePoint CPH50 Information

EV ChargerChargePoint CPH50
Model NumberCPH50
Root Product NameChargePoint CPH50
Additional InfoFleet,CPF50,; Fleet,CPF50-L18,; Fleet,CPF50-L18- PEDMNT-Dual,; Fleet,CPF50-L18-CMK6-PEDMNT-Dual,; Fleet,CPF50-L18-PEDMNT,; Fleet,CPF50-L18-PEDMNT-CMK6,; Fleet,CPF50-L18-WALLMNT-CMK6,; Fleet,CPF50-L23,; Fleet,CPF50-L23-CMK6-PEDMNT-Dual,; Fleet,CPF50-L23-PEDMNT,; Fleet,CPF50-L23-PEDMNT-CMK6,; Fleet,CPF50-L23-PEDMNT-Dual,; Fleet,CPF50-L23-WALLMNT-CMK6,; Home Flex,CPH50-NEMA14-50-L23,; Home Flex,CPH50-NEMA6-50-L23,
EV TypeLevel 2
Sold InUnited States, Canada
Date On MarketJune 25, 2019
Date QualifiedJune 25, 2019
Model IDES_1132586_CPH50-xxx_07112019180355_8235348
PD ID2341067

EV Charger Specifications

Input Voltage240
Max. Nameplate Output Current (amps)50
Number of Outputs1
Output Cord Length (feet)23
Output Cord Gauge (AWG)9
Automatic Brightness Capable?No

Energy Use

No Vehicle Mode Input Power (watts)0.8
No Vehicle Mode Total Allowance (watts)3.6
No Vehicle Mode Power Factor0.22
Partial On Mode Power Input (watts)1.36
Partial On Mode Total Allowance (watts)3.6
Partial On Mode Power Factor0.29
Idle Mode Input Power (watts)3.53
Idle Model Total Allowance (watts)23.6
Idle Model Power Factor0.4
Full Current Operation Mode Test Total Loss (watts)158.11
30 amp Operation Mode Test Total Loss (watts)57.16
15 amp Operation Mode Test Total Loss (watts)16.42
4 amp Operation Mode Test Total Loss (watts)4.23

Smart Capabilities

Network Protocol With Wake CapabilityWi-Fi or Gigabit Ethernet

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