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RCA 65D1 Television

RCA 65D1 Information

TelevisionRCA 65D1
Model Number65D1
Additional Info,65N1,; ,RTAU6504,; ,RTAU6540.,; ,RTRU6527,; ,RWOSU6547,; ,RWOSU6547-A,; ,RWOSU6548,; ,WR65UC4210,; ,WR65UE4210,; ,WR65UT4210,; ,WR65UT4212,; ,WR65UX4210,; ,WR65UX4210V,; ,WR65UX4212,
TV TypeTelevision (TV)
Sold InUnited States, Canada
Screen TypeLCD
TV Size64.5
Technology TypeNo
Date On MarketOctober 20, 2022
Date QualifiedSeptember 29, 2022
Model IDES_1120898_65D1_09282022113050_6627618
PD ID2402123

Television Picture

Screen Area (sq. inches)1798.5
Vertical ResolutionOther
Resolution (pixels)2160x3840

Energy Use And Features

Meets Most Efficient Criteria?No
Default Energy Saving FeaturesN/A
Efficiency Features Enabled By DefaultN/A
Automatic Brightness ControlNo
Automatic Brightnes Control Enabled By Default?N/A
Power Consumption In On Mode (watts)117.69
Power Consumption In Standby Mode (watts)3

Smart Capabilities

Thin Client Capability?No
Ethernet Supported?None


RCA 65D1 Television: An In-Depth Analysis

The television market is vast and varied, with numerous brands and models vying for the attention of consumers. Among these, the RCA 65D1 has emerged as a model worth considering. This article will explore its features, benefits, potential drawbacks, and how it compares to other televisions on the same platform.


Model and Design: The RCA 65D1 is a Television (TV) with the model number 65D1. It's primarily sold in the United States and Canada.
Screen Details: This TV features an LCD screen type with a size of 64.5 inches. The screen area is a generous 1798.5 sq. inches, and it boasts a resolution of 2160x3840 pixels.
Energy Consumption: In the on mode, the TV consumes 117.69 watts, while in standby mode, it consumes 3 watts.


Large Screen: With a screen size of 64.5 inches, the RCA 65D1 offers a grand viewing experience, making it ideal for larger rooms or home theaters.
High Resolution: The 2160x3840 pixel resolution ensures crystal clear visuals, enhancing the overall viewing experience.
Energy Efficiency: While the power consumption in the on mode is relatively high, the standby mode consumption is quite low, indicating efficient power management.


Lack of Smart Capabilities: The RCA 65D1 does not offer thin client capability, and there's no support for Ethernet. This might be a limitation for those looking for a smart TV experience.
No Additional Features: The TV does not provide any extra features or energy-saving options, which might be a downside for users seeking advanced functionalities.

Comparison with Other Televisions:
Sansui LE-24T1 & Sansui LE-32T1: These models from the Sansui brand might offer a different design or feature set compared to the RCA 65D1 and are found in the same competitive set.
Caixun, SANSUI, SUPERSONIC, SILO, PIXEL, TOZEN, NAXA, Impecca LE-32T1: This model, associated with multiple brands, might provide a unique set of features or specifications compared to the RCA 65D1 and may be preferred by consumers.

Selling Points:

High Resolution: The 2160x3840 pixel resolution ensures that viewers enjoy a detailed and immersive visual experience.
Large Screen Size: The 64.5-inch screen size is perfect for those who prioritize a grand viewing experience, be it for movies, sports, or gaming.
Decent Energy Consumption: The power consumption metrics, especially in standby mode, make the RCA 65D1 a decent choice for those conscious about energy consumption.

In conclusion, the RCA 65D1 is a solid choice for those seeking a basic television experience with a large screen and high resolution. While it might lack some of the advanced features of smart TVs, its core performance metrics make it a model worth considering. As always, when choosing a television, it's essential to compare various models to find the one that best fits your needs.

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